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Eight of the 24 U. S. Senate candidates appeared August during a forum sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Health Plans at the Country Club of Louisiana. After the forum, Charles Boustany, left, chats with Dr. Ann Kay Logarbo. The pair were classmates and graduated from medical school together.

The campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Charles Boustany flatly denied Thursday claims raised in a book that the Acadiana congressman was a client of a prostitute murdered in Jennings.

“These allegations are completely false and don’t even deserve a response,” said campaign spokesman Jack Pandol in a prepared statement. “Dr. Boustany has a professional and personal reputation of integrity and honor. We are confident the people of Louisiana will see these lies for the political tabloid fodder they are.”

The online BuzzFeed News raised the issue Thursday in a report about the book, “Murder in the Bayou,” written by Ethan Brown.

Published by Simon and Schuster and scheduled for release Tuesday, “Murder in the Bayou” is about the unsolved murders of eight prostitutes in the Jefferson Davis Parish town of Jennings from 2005 to 2009.

Brown wrote in the book that an unnamed source in October 2012 told a taskforce officer investigating the murders that Boustany was involved with at least one of the women. Brown provided no direct corroborating evidence for that claim.

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He also wrote that a law enforcement officer in 2015 refused to confirm or deny the interview or say whether the FBI had “received information that Boustany patronized any of the Jeff Davis 8,” as the author called the murder victims.

In a statement given to Brown, Pandol said Boustany had no contact with any of the victims and was unaware of an aide's alleged involvement with a motel where the victims were said to have worked.

Boustany, a 60-year-old Lafayette Republican, is one of 24 candidates running in the Nov. 8 election to replace retiring Sen. David Vitter.

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