Both candidates for the Senate District 13 seat agree on one thing: Taxes should not be raised.

“I oppose any tax increases,” said incumbent Dale Erdey, R- Livingston. “We need to live within the means of the dollars that we have.

“We need to have a tax structure that helps businesses to grow and expand,” he said.

Derek Babcock said he would view fee increases the same as taxes, while Erdey said the two perform different functions.

“I fought the driver’s license fees that were put on for State Police during the session,” Erdey said.

Removing constitutional protections over parts of the state’s budget is an idea worth examining, both said.

“We need to work at changing the constitution where it says we can only cut from higher ed and health care,” Babcock said. “We need to work on an amendment to change that.”

Erdey agreed.?

“The problem is that we have a lot of things that are protected in the constitution,” he said. “If we can undedicate these protected areas of the budget, we would have a better chance to balance the budget.”

On issues specific to District 13, both cited infrastructure as the biggest need.

“Roads, roads, roads,” Erdey said. “We have the same infrastructure in place in Livingston Parish and Baton Rouge as we had when I graduated from Doyle High School in 1972.”

Babcock, who has served as a chairman for CHILP — Citizens for Highway and Infrastructure in Livingston Parish — stressed the importance of widening U.S. 190 through the entire parish.

“It’s an alternative to Interstate 12,” he said. Even when the widening is complete, it still won’t be enough, he said.

Babcock and Erdey support the extension of Hooper Road from Greenwell Springs Road in East Baton Rouge Parish to La. 16 (Range Avenue) in Livingston Parish, he said.

The project would add a fourth Amite River crossing between East Baton Rouge and Livingston parishes.

“Right now, we are like a funnel,” Erdey said. “That would give us some arteries across.”

Erdey pointed to current bridge-widening projects at Magnolia Bridge north of Denham Springs and I-12 over the Amite River as crucial, but still too little.

To help solve Louisiana’s poverty problem, both candidates point to education.

“LA 4 is excellent,” Erdey said. “I think we need to try to expand it.”

“Livingston is ripe for a technical or community college,” Babcock said.

Babcock also advocates giving incentives to religious groups that provide charitable services.

During Katrina, some religious organizations were able to help people “more quickly and more efficiently than the state,” Babcock said.


Republican, Livingston.

56, insurance agent.


POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Mayor of Livingston, 1993-97; state representative, 2000-08; state senator, 2008-present.


Republican, Denham Springs.

38, insurance agent.

EDUCATION: University of Southern Mississippi.



Ward/Precinct and location

East Baton Rouge Parish

3-6 Central Middle

3-14 Central Middle

Livingston Parish

1 North Live Oak Elementary

A North Live Oak Elementary

1B Live Oak High gym

1C Live Oak High gym

1D North Live Oak Elementary

2 South Live Oak Elementary

2A South Live Oak Elementary

3 Friendship Fire Station

3A Levi Milton Elementary

3B Friendship Fire Station

4 Live Oak Middle

4A Live Oak Middle

4B Live Oak Middle

5 Levi Milton Elementary

A North Corbin Elementary

5B Levi Milton Elementary

C Levi Milton Elementary

6 North Corbin Elementary

6A North Livingston voting precinct

6B North Livingston voting precinct

7 South Walker Elementary

7A Walker High

7C South Walker Elementary

8A Doyle Elementary

8B Doyle Elementary

10 Holden High

11 Albany Elementary

11A Albany Elementary

12 Albany Elementary

13A Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau

13B Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau

19 Frost Elementary

19A Frost Elementary

20 Frost Elementary

23 Seventh Ward Elementary

23A Seventh Ward Elementary

23B Seventh Ward Elementary

24 Southside Junior High

24A Southside Junior High

24B Southside Junior High

24C Southside Junior High

24D Southside Junior High

24E Southside Junior High

25 Denham Springs City Hall

26 Denham Springs Elementary

26A Denham Springs Elementary

26B Denham Springs Elementary

26C Denham Springs Elementary

027 Denham Springs Junior High

28A Southside Elementary

28B Southside Elementary

29 Livingston Town Hall

30 Albany Maintenance Building

35 Walker Freshman High

35A Walker Freshman High

36 Westside Junior High

36A Westside Junior High

39 Eastside Elementary

39A Eastside Elementary

39B Eastside Elementary

40 Freshwater Elementary

40A Freshwater Elementary

41 Freshwater Elementary

Tangipahoa Parish

137 Country Side Lane

137A Country Side Lane

137C Country Side Lane

137D Ponchatoula Fire Station No. 3

149 Ponchatoula Fire Station No. 3