Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is quietly assembling a finance team-in-waiting that will gear up if/when he decides to run for president in 2016, Politico reports. It includes a couple of familiar faces for those who follow Louisiana politics.

Longtime Jindal fundraising aide Allee Bautsch Grunewald will serve as campaign finance director, Politico reports based on unnamed sources. She has been part of Jindal’s campaign efforts since he served as a congressman. Her firm also has been working on fundraising efforts for Republican Scott Angelle’s campaign for governor this year.

Janice Knopp, a former National Republican Congressional Committee finance director, also would be on board as a fundraiser.

Politico reports that no final decision has been made to manage the campaign, though key Jindal adviser Timmy Teepell is seen as a front-runner for the job.

Teepell confirmed on Monday that Jindal won’t make a decision whether to seek the Republican nomination for president until after the legislative session ends June 11. Jindal has been traveling the country extensively in recent months, making frequent stops in Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida.

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