Secretary of State Tom Schedler, challenger Chris Tyson divided on expanding voter registration opportunities _lowres

Secretary of State Tom Schedler

After just 39 percent of registered voters turned out for the primary, Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler hopes more people will vote in the Nov. 21 runoff, according to reports.

Before the election, Schedler predicted a turnout ranging from 45 to 50 percent of registered voters, according to a WWL report. Schedler cited frustrations with the election and the rainy weather across parts of the state as reasons people may not have turned out at the polls.

"I understand, firsthand, the frustration of individuals but it's certainly no way to exercise that frustration by just not voting,” Schedler told the station.

Aside from the governor’s race, the lieutenant governor and Attorney General races will also be decided in the Nov. 21 runoff.

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