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'I Voted' stickers with Louisiana artist George Rodrigue's 'Blue Dog,' in basket awaiting distribution to voters during voting at Lasalle Elementary School, Tues., Nov. 8, 2016.

Put an iconic blue animal on "I voted" stickers, sit back and see what happens. 

With George Rodrigue's Blue Dog appearing on the 2016 election's stickers throughout Louisiana, they quickly became an online trend. 


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Many took to social media platforms to share pictures of their stickers, with one person even saying an election official told him not to put it on, because it would one day be a collector's item

Stranger even, were the stickers that had appeared on eBay. One user had sold six stickers for $17.50 as of Tuesday evening. 

The Secretary of State's office announced the decision to put the Blue Dog on the stickers earlier this year, saying they printed about 4 million of them. The stickers cost $21,000 to print. 

Rodrigue’s widow, Wendy, said her late husband was patriotic and hundreds of his works depict Louisiana heritage.