The Louisiana Democratic Party, which has been in decline for years, is getting at least one reinforcement.

The Democratic National Committee is paying for the state party to hire a communications director, the DNC announced.

The new staffer will “drive messaging and expand outreach for Democrats up and down the ballot in the Bayou State,” the DNC said in a statement.

“Louisiana is the only state in the Deep South with a two-term Democratic governor,” the statement added. “In order to protect and expand the Democratic voter base in the state, the LDP will be focused on an intensive and targeted campaign to register and turn out more Democratic voters and an aggressive messaging campaign to make sure that Louisiana voters know that while Republicans are pushing an Ultra-MAGA agenda, Democrats are focused on delivering results. The Communications Director will also be responsible for the party’s email fundraising apparatus, which will be critical to Louisiana Democrats’ efforts to launch a robust and targeted voter registration program.”

The two-term governor is John Bel Edwards, who is the only Democrat holding statewide office in Louisiana.

"This grant is part of the DNC’s Red State Fund, which was established last year under the leadership of DNC Chair Jaime Harrison to put Republicans on defense and build tailored programs in traditionally majority Republican states," the statement also said.

Republicans, since winning a majority in the state Legislature about a decade ago, have steadily expanded their numbers. Today, 27 of the 39 senators are Republican as are 68 of the 105 House members.

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican, is heavily favored to win reelection this year over two Democrats, Luke Mixon and Gary Chambers Jr. Political experts expect a Republican to win next year’s governor’s race.

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