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Saturday is Louisiana's municipal general election day, which this year also includes a special election for a seat in the U.S. House.

Military, overseas and hospital ballots must be received by 8 p.m. Saturday.

Visit for more information on candidates and issues.

Party abbreviations: D-Democrat, R-Republican, I-Independent; L-Libertarian; NP-No Party.


U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District

(Portions of Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, St. James and West Baton Rouge parishes, plus the New Orleans area)

Troy A. Carter, D

Karen Carter Peterson, D


Parishwide: Sale of East-bank Wastewater Utility System (except Gonzales and Sorrento) and grant franchise to National Water Infrastructure.


Recreation District 2: 6-mill renewal for 10 years.

East Baton Rouge

Central Fire Protection District 4: 5-mill renewal for 10 years.

Central Fire Protection District 4: $32 service charge renewal for 10 years.

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Parishwide: 3-mill renewal for maintenance, operations and capital expenditures of recreation program, for 10 years.


School District No. 1: $13 million bond authority for 20 years, with rate not to exceed 8 percent.

St. James

Parishwide: Consolidated School District, $64 million bond authority for 25 years, with rate not to exceed 6 percent per year.

Parishwide: Consolidated School District, special tax of 3.4 mills for 10 years

St. Helena

Parishwide: School District 5-mill renewal for 10 years.

South Second Ward Fire Protection District: 10.16-mill renewal for 10 years.

Sub-Road District 1 of Road District 2: 10.69-mill renewal for 10 years.

Road District 6: 15-mill renewal for 10 years.


Parishwide: Half-cent sales and use tax for Educational Facilities Improvement District for 15 years.

Hammond: Downtown Development District 14.16-mill renewal for 10 years.