Louisiana Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder is closing the State Capitol Wednesday “in an abundance of caution” because of a possible protest.

The Capitol has been effectively closed to tourists and the public for months because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visitors, who must have their temperature taken, have been allowed in to attend legislative hearings and to eat in the lunchroom. Nobody has been allowed to tour the chambers, Memorial Hall, or the hallway where Huey Long was assassinated. The observation deck has been locked since March.

But Schexnayder’s announcement is aimed at having many of the hundreds of staffers work from home.

The State Capitol has been the scene of scores of protests over the years and police say they have no definite intelligence about a possible protest during Joe Biden's inauguration. But law enforcement and officials are edgy after an angry group raided the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 delaying the certification of Biden as president elect and killing five. Some still contend, without evidence, that Biden won the election through fraud. 

Biden is being inaugurated at 11 a.m. Central Time on Wednesday.

Barricades have been set up and trash cans have been removed as police prepare for Wednesday.

Security already was tight because of expected anti-Biden protests on Saturday and Sunday. But the crowds turned out to be sparse and nonconfrontational.