• Proposed Amendment 1

To redirect proceeds from to-bacco settlements, estimated at $40-45 million per year, from the Millennium Trust to the TOPS Fund and to establish a permanent 4-cent-per-pack cigarette tax.

• Proposed Amendment 2

To require the Legislature to appropriate a percentage of nonrecurring revenue to retir-ing the unfunded accrued liabil-ity of the Louisiana State Em-ployees’ Retirement System and the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana.

• Proposed Amendment 3

To restrict the use of monies in the Patient’s Compensation Fund to benefit medical mal-practice claimants and quali-fied health care providers, thus making clear these funds are not available for other uses.

• Proposed Amendment 4

To prohibit the automatic flow of mineral revenue into the state’s Rainy Day Fund during the fiscal year the fund was used and the following fiscal year. The mineral revenue would resume into the fund thereafter, but deposits would be limited to one-third of the last withdrawal amount, until the withdrawal is replenished or until the fund balance reaches its cap.

• Proposed Amendment 5

To change the way New Orleans is identified in one section of the Constitution in order to re-tain an exemption in the bid-ding requirements for sales of properties with a tax lien.