Democrat Kip Holden and Republican Billy Nungesser face each other in a Nov. 21 run-off election for lieutenant governor based on Saturday balloting.

With 99 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, Holden, the mayor of Baton Rouge, led the field of four candidates with 357,663 votes, or 33 percent, of the votes cast.

Nungesser, former Plaquemines Parish president, squeaked by Republican John Young, who is Jefferson Parish president, to finish second. Nungesser had 323,319 votes, or 30 percent, while Young had 312,115, or 29 percent.

State Sen. Elbert Guillory, an Opelouas Republican, finished last with 85,204 votes, or 8 percent.

Early on the candidates and political scientists said they expected Holden as the lone Democrat would lead and the fight would be between Nungesser and Young for the run-off spot.

That’s exactly what developed as the race for the No. 2 job in state government turned out.

Nungesser and Young combined spent in the millions to try to woo voters with heavy media campaigns that touted their credentials but also slammed each other. Holden raised and spent very little in the primary campaign.

The lieutenant governor oversees state culture, recreation and tourism efforts. The seat is open because Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne ran for governor.