The Republican Governors Association, Republican David Vitter and Democrat John Bel Edwards have officially dropped new ads in the Louisiana governors race.

Edwards and Vitter face each other in the Nov. 21 runoff.

The RGA ran an ad heading into Saturday’s primary that sought to link Edwards to President Barack Obama. The newest runoff ad does the same, calling Edwards “just another Obama liberal” while a split-screen shows a photo of Edwards on one side and Obama on the other.

Similarly, Vitter’s latest ad, first reported by Politico, attempts to link Edwards to Obama and claims Edwards wants to release “5,500 dangerous thugs (and) drug dealers back into our neighborhoods.”

In his own new ad, Edwards says he expects Vitter to launch attacks against him in the coming weeks and reminds viewers that he’s a West Point graduate.

“All he offers is deception and hypocrisy,” Edwards says over string music. “David Vitter wouldn’t last a day at West Point.”

The Cook Political Report has reclassified the governor’s race from a likely win for Vitter to a “toss up” after Edwards’ primary performance. “This has become a much more competitive race than anyone would have predicted six months ago,” the site’s latest analysis says of the race.


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