From left, seated, Precinct 1-65 comissioner-in-charge Jeri Bandaries and commissioners Denisa Joshua and Darlene Alex check identifications and eligibility for voters on the precinct register at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet Elementary School, which also hosted Precinct 1-39, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 on election day in Baton Rouge.

Below are some of the runoff races and propositions in the Baton Rouge region. Click on for the full list of candidates and propositions. 

The letter next to a candidate's name stands for their party. R for Republican, D for Democrat, I for Independent, L for Libertarian or N for no party.

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Secretary of State

Kyle Ardoin, R

Gwen Collins-Greenup, D

Read more about the race HERE.

Ascension Parish



Jared "Boo" Bercegeay, N

Lorraine Wimberly, R

Read more about the school board candidates HERE.


Parishwide animal shelter proposition

To levy a 10-year, 1-mill property tax, expected to generate $1.3 million a year, for a parish animal shelter.

Gonzales hotel/motel tax proposition

To levy a 2 percent fee for the occupancy of hotel or motel rooms effective April 1, 2019, and in perpetuity. The fee, expected to generate $500,000 a year for an event and conference center for the City of Gonzales.

East Baton Rouge Parish | Read more about ballot here

Baton Rouge City Constable

Gordon "Trey" Bargas, R

Terrica Williams, D

Read more about the candidates HERE.

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board


Dadrius Lanus, D

Vereta Lee, D

Zachary Community School Board


Jennifer Boyd, R

Beth Kimmell, R

Central City Council


Aaron K. McKinney, R

Ryan Meador, R


Charles Lee Hinton, R

Briton Myer, R

Parishwide MovEBR roads and traffic tax

To levy a 30-year, 0.50 percent sales tax expected to generate $46 million a year, starting April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2049. The proceeds would be used to: (A)(i) construct or improve roads, including drainage projects and traffic synchronization; (ii) improve existing corridors to increase mobility, including signal synchronization and sidewalks; and (iii) to construct community enhancement projects, including drainage, lights and sidewalks; and (B) improve the Advanced Traffic Management Center, such improvements prioritized (i) within the Parish and Baton Rouge as described in the MovEBR Plan dated Aug. 8, and (ii) within Baker, Zachary and Central, as determined by those governing authorities.

Parishwide mental health treatment center tax | Read more about proposal here

To levy a 10-year, 1.5-mill property tax expected to generate $6 million a year for a treatment center providing mental health and substance abuse services.

East Side Fire Protection District No. 5 tax

To renew a 10-year, 10-mill property tax generating $883,000 a year. 

Melrose Place Crime Prevention District fee

To levy for 10 years annual fees of $150 on each residential parcel and $750 on each commercial parcel after the expiration of the current parcel fees, beginning in 2020 and ending in 2029. The fees are expected to generate $56,200 a year for crime prevention and security by providing an increased presence of law enforcement personnel, beautification of the public spaces, and promoting and encouraging beautification of private spaces within the district. The annual parcel fees may be increased up to $200 per residential parcel and $1,000 per commercial parcel by the district's board of commissioners.

Iberville Parish

Maringouin mayor

Maurice Harris, D

Demi Lynn Vorise, D

Maringouin Board of Aldermen

(2 to be elected)

John E. Carriere, D

Veronica "Bonnie" Hill, D

Brian "Gumble" Robinson, D

Sam W. Watson, D 

White Castle mayor

Ernest J. "Bay Boy" Allen Sr., D

John Morris III, D

White Castle chief of police

Harold L. Brooks Jr., D

Mario D. Brown Sr., D

Livingston Parish

Recreation District No. 5 South tax

To levy a 10-year, 10-mill property tax expected to generate $126,790 a year.

Recreation District No. 7 tax

To levy a 10-year, 15-mill property tax expected to generate $239,415 a year.

Pointe Coupee Parish

Parish Council


Billy Soulier, D

Steve Stelly, I

New Roads mayor

Anthony R. Daisy, D

Cornell Dukes, D

New Roads City Council


Cleotha Johnigan Jr., D

Theron Smith, N

Tangipahoa Parish

School Board


Walter Daniels, D

Janice Fultz Richards, D


Terran Perry, D

Glenn Westmoreland, R


Jerry Moore, D

Betty C. Robinson, D

Kentwood mayor

Rochell Bates, D

Irma Thompson Gordon, D

Hammond City Council


Kiplyn "Kip" Andrews, D

Carl R. Duplessis, N


Carlee White Gonzales, R

Josh Taylor, R


Janice Carter, D

Devon Wells, D

Kentwood Town Council

(3 to be elected)

Gary Callihan, D

Tre'von D. Cooper, I

Michael L. Sims, D

Steven J. Smith, D

Paul Stewart, D

Audrey Thomas Winters, D

West Baton Rouge Parish

School Board


Chareeka Grace, D

Rose Roche, D

West Feliciana Parish

Fire Protection District No. 1 tax

To levy a 20-year, 4-mill property tax parishwide expected to generate $1.1 million a year.