A Senate-passed bill touted as a way to ensure free speech on college campuses was approved Tuesday night by the Louisiana House 58-26.

The bill would require college boards to spell out policies governing campus speech rights.

It would cover rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, including all forms of peaceful assembly, distribution of literature, signs and circulating petitions.

"This could give a student confidence he is able to display his rights and expressions freely," said state Rep. John Stefanski, R-Crowley, who handled the bill on the House floor.

The proposal marks the second consecutive year where the issue has been debated amid controversies on campuses, and charges that some groups and speakers have been unfairly shut down.

The Legislature approved a similar bill last year but it was vetoed by Gov. John Bel Edwards.

The proposal, Senate Bill 364, now returns to the Senate for consideration of House changes.

The 2018 regular session is set to adjourn on Friday.

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