House convenes at 9:00 a.m.

Senate convenes at 9:30 a.m.


Judiciary. At adjournment in Committee Room 1. Agenda includes:

HB23 Provides for an automobile allowance for the clerk of court of Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne, DeSoto, Lincoln, and Webster parishes.

HB126 Provides relative to the posting of National Human Trafficking Resources Center hotline information at certain establishments.

HB169 Provides for the abolishment and creation of judgeships in certain judicial districts.

HB174 Provides for an increase in salary for clerks of court.

HB244 Provides with respect to release of personal information of law enforcement officers.

HB313 Provides for the assessment of a cost to reimburse the office of the constable of the city of Baton Rouge in the execution of certain bench warrants.

HB360 Provides relative to the payment of group insurance premiums for retired sheriffs and employees hired on or after September 1, 2013, for Lincoln Parish.

HB404 Provides for the functions of the jury commission in St. Charles Parish.

HB504 Provides for additional court costs for the New Orleans Municipal Court.

HB513 Provides for an increase in certain fees for the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

Labor & Industrial Relations. At adjournment in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:

HB121 Provides with respect to the membership of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council.

HB410 Provides with respect to the sunset of the Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund.

HB453 Creates the Equal Pay for Women Act.

HB464 Repeals the prohibition of the receipt of workers’ compensation benefits while incarcerated.

HB583 Prohibits employers from terminating employment of a veteran for attending medical appointments necessary for veterans benefits.

Municipal, Parochial & Cultural Affairs. At adjournment in Committee Room 6. Agenda includes:

HB106 Authorizes the Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau to levy an additional hotel occupancy tax.

HB128 Provides for survivors benefits for tribal police officers and firemen.

HB179 Authorizes the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau to levy an additional hotel occupancy tax within the jurisdiction of the bureau.

HB180 Provides relative to abolition of the position of police chief in the village of Goldonna.

HB232 Increases the maximum hotel occupancy tax that the Grant Parish Tourist Commission is authorized to levy.

HB260 Creates the Goodwood Homesites Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

HB287 Increases the maximum per diem authorized to be paid to fire protection district board members in Calcasieu Parish.

HB288 Provides for the board of commissioners of the Ward 5 Fire Protection District of the Parish of Evangeline.

HB325 Authorizes the imposition of an additional sales and use tax by the governing authority of Iberville Parish.

HB326 Authorizes the city of Youngsville to levy a hotel occupancy tax.

HB327 Provides relative to the powers and duties of the Algiers Development District.

HB339 Allows the use of public funds for length of service awards programs established by fire protection districts, municipal fire departments, or volunteer fire departments for volunteer firefighters.

HB382 Creates a Volunteer Firefighter’s Tuition Reimbursement program.

HB383 Provides relative to the lease of a hospital by a Jefferson Parish hospital service district.

HB554 Creates the Fort Pike Fire Protection District in Orleans Parish.

HB605 Provides relative to the boundaries of the Gentilly Development District.

HB658 Creates the Sherwood Forest Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

HB706 Provides relative to the levy of an additional sales and use tax within the city of Shreveport.

Retirement. At adjournment in Committee Room 4. Agenda includes:

HB35 Provides for retirement eligibility of employees of state hospitals under certain conditions.

HB53 Removes certain members from eligibility for membership in the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana and provides for a refund of employee contributions to those members.

HB60 Prohibits certain members who are reemployed after retirement from receiving retirement benefits or accruing additional benefits in state and statewide retirement systems .

HB61 Provides relative to the calculation of benefits for members of state and statewide retirement systems.

HCR2 Suspends provisions of law providing for the Cash Balance Plan in certain retirement systems.


Education. At adjournment in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB89 Provides relative to the use of seclusion and physical restraint to address the behavior of certain students.

HB540 Repeals provisions of law relative to teacher certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

HB635 Requires local public school boards to adopt policies relative to accommodations for employees to express breast milk.

SB83 Establishes a cap on TOPS award amounts.

SB93 Provides for the awarding and transfer of college credit for academic content in career and technical and industry-based certification courses.

SB127 Provides that a student with disabilities who is not pursuing a regular diploma shall not be administered the American College Test.

SB176 Requires certain local public school boards to obtain BESE approval before making certain changes in the status of a failing school.

Finance. 1:30 p.m. in Committee Room A. Agenda includes:

SB10 Provides funding criteria a statewide retirement system must meet before granting a benefit increase.

SB38 Provides relative to distribution of certain monies as purses.

SB45 Merges certain La. Technical College campuses with Baton Rouge Community College.

SB75 Provides with respect to monies deposited into the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly.

SB76 Provides for use of monies in the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund.

SB128 Constitutional amendment to create the Artificial Reef Development Fund.

SB249 Authorizes a district attorney to assess and collect a fee on past due child support obligations.

SB251 Provides for fee to be added to domestic violence convictions in certain courts.

Local & Municipal Affairs. At adjournment in Committee Room F. Agenda includes:

SB25 Creates and provides for the Southern Heights Neighborhood Crime Prevention District.

SB44 Authorizes the city of Bogalusa to levy a provider fee on the operation of hospitals within the city which may be used solely by DHH for state expenses for the Medicaid program within the city as provided for in a cooperative endeavor agreement between the department and the city, limited to those expenses for which a federal match is available.

SB48 Authorizes a contract or cooperative agreement between Iberia Parish and the Port of Iberia for the operation and management of the Acadiana Regional Airport and the Le Maire Memorial Airport.

SB99 Authorizes the chief of police for the Town of Welsh to effect certain disciplinary action relative to police personnel.

SB140 Provides for legislation which increases the maximum fine and imprisonment for a violation of an Orleans Parish ordinance.

SB175 Creates a fund to pay group insurance premiums for retired assessors and employees in Orleans Parish.

SB186 Authorizes Grant Parish Economic and Industrial Development District to exempt certain items from the levy of a sales tax.

SB195 Authorizes the Grant Economic Development District to levy a sales and use tax.

SB207 Provides relative to civil service for cities with over 100,000 in population.

SB239 Provides relative to the West Baton Rouge Parish Fire Protection District No. 1.

SB241 Creates an Economic Development District in Leesville, Louisiana.

SB242 Authorizes the levy of an optional hotel assessment by a tourism organization upon its hotel members and provides for treating such assessment as a surcharge to hotel guests.

SB253 Provides relative to the powers and duties of the Algiers Development District.

SR39 Requests the Senate Committee on Local and Municipal Affairs to study the laws applicable to local public entities in the purchase of vehicles for law enforcement purposes..

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