House convenes at 2:00 p.m.

Senate convenes at 1:30 p.m.


Education. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 1. Agenda includes:

HB95 Provides relative to eligibility criteria for admission or readmission to a public school and prohibits the denial of admission or readmission based on certain student characteristics.

HB194 Provides relative to the authority of public postsecondary education management boards to increase tuition and mandatory fee amounts.

HB343 Prohibits certain public high school students from being administered tests pursuant to La. Education Assessment Program or the La. School and District Accountability System with certain exceptions.

HB401 Authorizes the public postsecondary education management boards to increase tuition and fee amounts under certain circumstances.

HB467 Subjects charter schools to the same State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education rules and regulations as traditional public schools with respect to employment eligibility requirements for teachers and other school employees.

HB541 Provides relative to a students access to an effective teacher.

HB613 Requires the State Bd. of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop and adopt rules and regulations providing for parental choice relative to state standardized testing for public school students.

HB660 Provides for policies, procedures, and programs relative to school prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and instruction regarding the pilgrim fathers and the U.S. flag in certain school districts.

HCR30 Requests that the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education study the feasibility and advisability of pursuing a residential charter school model in La..

Health & Welfare. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:

HB111 Prohibits outdoor smoking within 25 feet of certain exterior locations of state buildings.

HB173 Amends Louisiana’s safe haven law to provide that a child 12 months old or younger may be relinquished to a designated emergency care facility.

HB251 Requires DHH to institute Medicaid cost containment measures to the extent allowed by federal regulations.

HB281 Creates a single license for behavioral health services providers.

HB322 Requires birthing facilities to perform pulse oximetric screening for certain heart defects on each newborn in the care of those facilities.

HB337 Provides for retail food establishment permit fees.

HB359 Requires physicians to register as users in the La. Electronic Event Registration System.

HB562 Provides a limited exception to certain licensing requirements for home- and community-based service providers.

HB572 Provides relative to the Fatherhood First Initiative.

HCR66 Continues the Task Force on Legal Representation in Child Protection Cases.

House & Governmental Affairs. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 2. Agenda includes:

HB19 Provides relative to records of the office of the governor.

HB44 Provides an exception to confidentiality provisions of public records law for requests made by specified entities for certain information in personnel records of certain public employees.

HB87 Exempts public postsecondary education tuition and fees from requirements for imposing a new or increasing an existing fee.

HB98 Provides with respect to concealed handgun permits issued by sheriffs.

HB175 Provides relative to registration and voting by a person convicted of a felony.

HB209 Provides authority for legislative fiscal staff to access certain information from state agencies.

HB253 Provides relative to law enforcement officers at polling places.

HB308 Provides relative to public meetings of parish and municipal governing authorities.

HB436 Provides relative to final passage of the general appropriation bill.

HB531 Provides relative to increasing the financial burden of public school systems.

HR1 Provides relative to the timing of concurrence and final passage of the General Appropriation Bill.

Insurance. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 3. Agenda includes:

HB150 Requires recognition of assignment of health insurance benefits to health care providers.

HB228 Provides relative to balance billing by and reimbursement of noncontracted facility-based physicians for covered health care services rendered in an in-network health care facility.

HB342 Provides relative to balance billing by and reimbursement of noncontracted health care providers of emergency medical services.


Commerce. At adjournment in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

SB131 Provides relative to the sale of certain scrap metal.

Health & Welfare. At adjournment in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

SB58 Allows certain meats and fish to be received or used by a not-for-profit entity or charitable organization.

SB125 Provides that eligibility standards for the La. Medicaid program shall conform to those established by the Affordable Care Act and requires reporting of program outcomes.

SB198 Consolidates the functions of the Louisiana Emergency Response Network and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services into the the Louisiana Emergency Medical Services and Response Network.

SCR25 Requests the LSU Board of Supervisors and the governor to keep the Huey P. Long Medical Center open and viable.

Insurance. At adjournment in Committee Room A. Agenda includes:

HB198 Extends commissioner’s authority to grant reinsurance credits to captive insurers.

HB227 Changes requirements relative to Property Insurance Association of Louisiana.

HB291 Changes composition and requirements relative to Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunity.

SB126 Provides relative to health insurance rate review and approval.

Judiciary A. 9:30 a.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

SB5 Removes the mandatory retirement age of judges.

SB109 Provides relative to a physical examination of a suspected child abuse victim.

SB137 Provides relative to certain lien and escrow account procedures for certain construction contracts.

SB162 Provides for surrogacy contracts.

SB183 Provides relative to liens.

SR40 Requests the Louisiana State Law Institute to study feasibility of authorizing tax lien sales as a replacement or alternative to tax sale certificates.

Judiciary B. 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room E. Agenda includes: Presentation on LA State Police Gaming Enforcement, funding renewal for LSP Division Central Computer System; discussion of Mardi Gras 2013 Conti Street incident/review of video

SB159 Requires income from any detail or secondary employment administered or managed by the city of New Orleans or by the New Orleans Police Department to be included in the employee’s benefits.

SB213 Provides relative to benefits for a classified employee of the New Orleans Police Department on temporary or provisional assignment.

SB227 Provides for Families in Need of Services.

Judiciary C. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room F. Agenda includes:

SB88 Provides relative to victims of human trafficking.

SB92 Provides responsive verdicts for the crime of aggravated incest.

SB112 Provides procedure for expungement of certain criminal records.

SB179 Provides relative to bail.

SCR27 Creates the Joint Human Trafficking Study Commission.

Senate & Governmental Affairs. At adjournment in Committee Room F. Agenda includes: Confirmation Hearings: DCFS, DOA, GOV, DOI, DPSC,

HB172 Names Grand Isle bivalve hatchery the “Michael C. Voisin Hatchery”.

SB33 Provides relative to a minority hiring survey by the division of minority affairs in the Department of Insurance.

SB69 Provides for mail voter registration applications received from public assistance and disability offices.

SB95 Provides relative to the records of the governor.

SB133 Provides for the obligation of lottery board members to disclose certain business relationships to the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs.

SB148 Provides an exception to the Code of Governmental Ethics for persons whose public service is limited to a contract providing professional services as a CPA.

SB153 Creates the Equal Pay for Women Act.

SB167 Transfers the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board to the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism.

SB178 Requires the placement of voter registration application forms at certain retailers selling firearms.

SB184 Provides that the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shall have oversight of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.

SB212 Requires proceedings to be video or tape recorded filmed, or broadcast live.

SCR6 Requests that the Louisiana State Law Institute study the feasibility of requiring clerks of court to accept electronic signatures on documents to be filed with the court..

SCR10 Designates the Smokin’ Oldies Cook-Off in West Baton Rouge Parish as an official Louisiana State barbeque championship..

SCR12 Creates the State Capitol Complex Task Force..

SCR19 Express the intent of the Louisiana Legislature regarding Act No. 725 of the 2004 Regular Session..

SR15 Requires prefiling by January 15 of any legislative instrument which produces a net decrease in taxes, fees, charges or other revenues received by the state of $10 million or more annually in any one of the 5 fiscal years; a report by the proponents on the instrument’s economic effects; and a review of such report by the legislative fiscal office.

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