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The House is open for business during opening day at the Louisiana legislature Monday April 10, 2017, in Baton Rouge, La.

Lawmakers in the Louisiana House want to make it easier for voters to recall elected officials.

The House voted 69-28 Wednesday for a proposal from Rep. Paul Hollis, a Covington Republican, to change rules for recall elections. House Bill 272 heads to the Senate for consideration.

Under current law, a recall petition must be signed by one-third of registered voters within 180 days to hold an election on whether to recall an elected official. In districts with fewer than 1,000 registered voters, the petition requires signatures from 40 percent of them.

Hollis' bill would lower the signature threshold in larger districts, to 25 percent in districts with 25,000 to fewer than 100,000 registered voters and to 20 percent in districts with 100,000 or more registered voters.

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