A bill criminalizing the act of profiting from, selling or harvesting organs of aborted fetuses has been approved by both chambers of the Legislature and is awaiting the governor’s signature to become law.

On Monday, the Senate signed off on the final amendments attached to the bill — which was the last legislative step for the legislation.

The bill is an apparent response to a series of undercover videos released last year that alleged Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting off of selling body parts from aborted fetuses.

Planned Parenthood has denied the claims and said the videos depicted discussions of reimbursements for legal, not-for-profit collections of fetal tissue for medical research. Multiple state investigations have so far found no evidence of wrongdoing — including at Louisiana’s abortion clinics, which are not operated by Planned Parenthood.

Senate Bill 33 would make it a crime — punishable by up to 50 years in prison — to accept any payment to harvest, sell or transport the organs of aborted fetuses. The bill includes language that would outlaw the storage and handling fees, transportation reimbursements and other repayments that Planned Parenthood claimed were legal steps in the not-for-profit process of collecting fetuses for medical research.