Louisiana already has an official state bird, dog, flower, insect, tree, gemstone and multiple state songs, including an environmental ditty.

But legislators, until Thursday, neglected delving into designating an official folklife play.

Action by the state Senate Committee on Natural Resources sought to remedy the oversight despite warnings that legislators might be criticized for taking time to debate the issue.

State Sen. J.P. Morrell, D-New Orleans, jokingly suggested that the state next declare actor Tyler Perry’s drag character Madea to be a state treasure.

“Bills like this we get ridiculed in the press about,” Morrell said before voting in favor of Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 117.

The resolution calls for “No Hitchin,’” a product of the Techeland Arts Council, to become the state’s official folklife play.

SCR No. 117 now moves to the full Senate.