Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wrote Republicans need to build on President Donald Trump’s appeal to blue-collar, working-class voters in order to survive into the future.

“We need to take over and reinvent the GOP. Mr. Trump won’t be the man to do it,” Jindal wrote in an essay published Thursday by The Wall Street Journal. “The moment immediately after Trump is the one that counts. It is possible that it took him to broaden us and that our subsequent existence will depend on his disappearance.”

Trump attracted blue-collar workers abandoned by the Democratic Party and frustrated by a status quo government, Jindal wrote.

“Trump voters elected a president, causing them to think they had won the revolution. They hadn’t. Their power is one man, and he has an expiration date,” Jindal wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “Republicans must learn to consolidate and build on that base. The next Republican presidential nominee after Mr. Trump will have a fighting shot at bringing home the people who like lower taxes and dead terrorists but bristle at his crude behavior.”

It’s not the first time Jindal has shared his views about what ails the Republican Party. Back in 2012, shortly after Democratic President Barack Obama was reelected, Jindal told Politico that the GOP tolerated “dumbed-down” and "simplistic" conservatism. That turned off many voters from considering what he said were good GOP policy ideas.

His harsh assessment was hailed by some Republicans and condemned by others. But his comments became the base of his speeches in a 2015 bid for the Republican nomination for president.

Jindal’s fiscal policies as governor from 2008 to 2016 recently have been the butt of much criticism by Louisiana Republicans and Democrats.

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