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The state House chamber.

Sixteen senators and 49 representatives, all Republicans, totally backed National Federation of Independent Business positions on 10 seminal bills during the recently concluded session of the Louisiana Legislature.

That amounts to about 45% of the 144-member Legislature who voted 100% in line with the Louisiana branch of the NFIB, according to the recently released grading tally the organization compiled and published, as do many trade associations.

"Our members really appreciate the work these legislators do to support small business," said Dawn McVea, director of NFIB-Louisiana, which represents small business members in this state.

The organization chose 10 bills considered in both chambers and graded the lawmakers on their votes for the legislation The instruments included suspending corporate franchise tax on first $300,000 for small business C-Corps and centralized sales tax collection, both of which cleared the process with little opposition. NFIB also included more controversial measures, such as increasing unemployment benefits by $28 per week, which passed over the NFIB opposition, and requiring the Legislature to cap growth on state expenditures by 5%, which NFIB supported but failed with the lawmakers.

McVea said the NFIB Voting Record does not reflect every element considered by a lawmaker when voting, nor does it represent a complete profile of a legislator.