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Rep. Mark Wright, R-Covington, temporary chairman of the House Education Committee, filed a proposal for an interim study of critical race theory in Louisiana public schools.

The controversy sparked by former House Education Committee Chairman Ray Garofalo keeps bubbling around the Legislature.

House Democrats said Wednesday they have likely derailed a bid by temporary House Education Committee Chairman Mark Wright, R-Covington, to launch an interim study of critical race theory, which was one of the issues that led to Garofalo's demotion.

Democrats took the unusual step of submitting a petition of its members objecting to the study to the House clerk.

"House Democrats deem this resolution to be unnecessary legislation," Rep. Sam Jenkins, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said in a statement.

"We just spent weeks debating this issue and it disturbed the entire legislative process," the Shreveport Democrat said.

"Why would we bring it up again? Louisiana is better when we come together and focus on improving the lives of our people."

Wright could not be reached for comment.

Whether his plan will be debated in the House before adjournment on June 10 is unclear.

The proposal is House Study Request No. 3.

It asks for the House Education Committee, or a subcommittee of the panel, to do an interim study of critical race theory -- the view that race has played an outsized role in U. S. history -- and its role in Louisiana education.

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Wright's request says "concerns have been raised about the use of critical race theory in elementary and secondary schools and postsecondary education institutions."

It says the study should include testimony from officials of the Louisiana Board of Regents, the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the state Department of Education.

Earlier this year Garofalo offered a bill that he said would end the teaching of "divisive concepts" in colleges, including the idea that Louisiana and the United States are inherently racist.

The proposal sparked criticism from the Legislative Black Caucus, Gov. John Bel Edwards and others.

Last week House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, R-Gonzales, formally removed Garofalo from his chairmanship of the education committee.

Schexnayder said he took the action because of how Garofalo handled the aftermath of the initial controversy.

Garofalo has said his bill raised legitimate concerns and that some college professors are pushing their own political views to students under the guise of instruction.

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