Attorney General Jeff Landry asked Gov. John Bel Edwards for a meeting Monday.

And if Monday doesn’t work, then Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – “with an hour’s notice” – would do for the political rivals to sit down and talk about budget needs for the state Department of Justice.

Edwards spokesman Richard Carbo texted Monday afternoon that the governor "is looking forward to a meeting as soon as possible." The governor is proposing a meeting for next Tuesday

Landry last week had tried to appeal the Edwards administration’s refusal for a request for money in between legislative sessions. Landry wants to expand the Attorney General's office to root out more fraud from the Medicaid expansion and to hire more lawyers to handle a legal challenge to new laws that further restrict access to abortions.

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne said the requests weren’t timely made and essentially asked a committee charged with adjusting the state budget when the Legislature is not in session to appropriate money that lawmakers had not approved. Besides, the state doesn’t have the money.

Dardenne doesn’t have time to meet with Landry until Wednesday afternoon, Landry wrote.

Members of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget scolded Landry and Dardenne when they learned that the two had not met to discuss the issues. “We have three and half more years to deal with each other. Do we really need legislators like me to come to the room and be referees?” Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington, told them.

Landry, a Republican who employs several former staffers of Gov. Bobby Jindal, is considered by some to be the leading GOP challenger to the 2019 reelection of Edwards, a Democrat. The two have been at odds almost since the two were inaugurated in January, arguing over budgets, hirings and executive orders.

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