Gov. John Bel Edwards said Friday he was “very disappointed” that the Louisiana House Republicans haven’t forwarded their own plan to address the pending $1 billion drop off in revenues and he blames House Speaker Taylor Barras.

“His leadership style, if you can call it that, is to allow members to kind of settle and then count from there and either something is possible or it’s not,” Edwards told The Advocate editorial board on Friday afternoon. “Well, that really isn’t leadership and that’s not how you answer the big, hard, tough questions that we have in front of us.”

Edwards and Barras, who have known each other for more than decade, have met repeatedly over the past few months to try to find a way out of the fiscal problems facing the state once a penny added to the state sales tax expires on June 30. The drop in revenues will be about a third of the amount of the state budget that lawmakers have discretion to decide how to spend. If no new revenues can be found then legislators are looking at a state budget with deep cuts in higher education, healthcare and other government services.

Edwards wants House Republicans, which have 60 of the 105 seats, to present a plan of their own so that negotiations can start.

Barras said Friday morning, according to the governor, that a consensus is emerging among House Republicans to support parts of Edwards’ plan.

“He’s a good man,” Edwards said. “I’m hopeful that he understands that he is going to actually have to lead people and not just take their temperature. His is not a ministerial duty.”

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