Almond milk

Image via Google Maps

Milk made from almonds, oats, soy and other veggies won’t be able call itself milk should the legislation the Louisiana Senate approved Monday become law.

Senate Bill 39 would require beverages to remove milk from their label unless they are a dairy product. The Senate voted 36-2 to advance SB39 to the House for consideration.

The legislation must be approved before the Legislature adjourns on June 6.

Sen. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, said he has no issues with the other beverages created for people with allergies or for health concerns.

“We’re not looking for things to shut people down. Those products are fine,” he said. “Those products are mislabeled.”

Thompson said similar bills are being approved around the country. Louisiana would fall in line with the definitions written by federal authorities and other states.

That definition doesn’t jive with those products that are mislabeled.

Louisiana is down to about 80 dairies and the industry is endangered, he said. The dairy farmers asked for the legislation.

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