House convenes at 2:00 p.m.

Senate convenes at 4:00 p.m.

  • REVENUE ESTIMATING CONFERENCE. 8:00 a.m. in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:
  • To review and revise the Official Revenue Forecast for Fiscal Year 2013 as necessary.
  • To review and revise the Official Revenue Forecast for FY 14 as necessary.
  • To adopt the percentage change in the consumer price index for 2012 to be used by the treasury to calculate the minimum parish severance tax allocation for FY14


Judiciary. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 1. Agenda includes:

HB117 Authorizes the 11th JDC to provide for a reentry division of court.

HB607 Provides for the elimination of two judgeships from the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

SB5 Removes the mandatory retirement age of judges.

SB46 Provides for the payment of group insurance premiums of certain retirees of the clerk of court’s office in East Baton Rouge Parish.

SB66 Provides for the payment of medical insurance premiums of certain retirees of the clerk of court’s office in St. James Parish.

SB94 Provides for the use in the Twenty-Second Judicial District Court of a validated risk/needs assessment tool at the pretrial stage.

SB107 Provides relative to at-risk youths and development of an integrated case management system.

SB116 Authorizes certain municipalities to conduct local option elections regarding the sale of alcohol in restaurants.

SB124 Increases certain fees and court costs levied by the Criminal District Court for the Parish of Orleans.

SB152 Authorizes courts exercising juvenile jurisdiction to designate by rule one or more divisions to which gun and weapon-related offenses may be assigned and to establish a weapon-related offenses probation program.

SB155 Increases certain filing fees and costs levied by Louisiana Supreme Court.

SB240 Authorizes imposition of court cost in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court under certain circumstances to defray operating expenses of clerk.

SCR6 Requests that the Louisiana State Law Institute study the feasibility of requiring clerks of court to accept electronic signatures on documents to be filed with the court.

Municipal, Parochial & Cultural Affairs. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 6. Agenda includes:

SB25 Creates and provides for the Southern Heights Neighborhood Crime Prevention District.

SB44 Authorizes the city of Bogalusa to levy a provider fee on the operation of hospitals within the city which may be used solely by DHH for state expenses for the Medicaid program within the city as provided for in a cooperative endeavor agreement between the department and the city, limited to those expenses for which a federal match is available.

SB99 Authorizes the chief of police for the Town of Welsh to effect certain disciplinary action relative to police personnel.

SB140 Provides for legislation which increases the maximum fine and imprisonment for a violation of an Orleans Parish ordinance.

SB186 Authorizes Grant Parish Economic and Industrial Development District to exempt certain items from the levy of a sales tax.

SB195 Authorizes the Grant Economic Development District to levy a sales and use tax.

SB209 Provides relative to the Evangeline-Ville Platte Recreation District.

SB210 Authorizes a political subdivision to execute design-build contracts in the construction or repair of any public building or structure or other public work in an area where a gubernatorial declared state of emergency exists.

SB213 Provides relative to benefits for a classified employee of the New Orleans Police Department on temporary or provisional assignment.

SB238 Establishes the Leeville Fishing Village and Cultural Preservation Commission.

SB239 Provides relative to the West Baton Rouge Parish Fire Protection District No. 1.

SB242 Authorizes the levy of an optional hotel assessment by a tourism organization upon its hotel members and provides for treating such assessment as a surcharge to hotel guests.

SB243 Provides for legislation relative to the allocation of funds from the Vermilion Parish Tourist Commission.

SB247 Authorizes certain parishes to levy a one-half cent sales tax.

Retirement. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 4. Agenda includes:

HB55 Provides generally relative to the Harbor Police Retirement System in the city of New Orleans.

HB61 Provides relative to the calculation of benefits for members of state and statewide retirement systems.

HB68 Provides relative to the retirement of persons employed in state government positions on or after July 1, 2013.

HCR108 Requests the state and statewide public retirement systems to appear before the House and Senate committees on retirement and report relative to the promulgation and distribution of forms regarding pension forfeiture.

SB10 Provides funding criteria a statewide retirement system must meet before granting a benefit increase.

SB14 Provides relative to transfers of service credit between systems.

SCR1 Suspends Chapter 7 of Subtitle II of Title 11 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, comprised of R.S. 1399.1 through 1399.7..


Commerce. 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

HB188 Requires payment by check for precious metals.

HB300 Clarifies definition of lighter and novelty lighter.

HB314 Creates the Social Media Privacy Protection Act.

HB422 Makes changes to the unified economic development budget report and requires report to be annual.

HB425 Requires presentment of identifying information when cashing federal or state treasury checks over a certain amount.

HB544 Allows the commissioner of OFI to promulgate rules to allow for a licensing exemption for certain registered mortgage loan originators.

Education. 1:00 pm in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB224 Provides for the removal of a school bus driver convicted for certain offenses relative to operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

HB243 Provides relative to the eligibility of certain students who graduate from certain out-of-state or out-of-country high schools to receive a Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) award.

HB612 Permits use of TOPS awards at eligible La. institutions by otherwise qualified students who graduated from out-of-state colleges or universities.

SB176 Requires certain local public school boards to obtain BESE approval before making certain changes in the status of a failing school.

SCR23 Provides legislative approval of the MFP formula for FY 2013-2014 as adopted by BESE on March 8, 2013..

SCR64 Establishes and provides for a Louisiana Agriculture Education Study Group..

SCR76 Directs the Department of Education and the Department of Children and Family Services to develop an operational plan for the transfer of the Child Care Development Fund to the Department of Education..

Health & Welfare. 9:30 a.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB241 Expands the applicability of the medication attendant provisions to the office of aging and adult services.

HB273 Provides relative to reports, records, and adjudicatory functions of the La. State Board of Medical Examiners.

HB355 Provides relative to access to state prescription monitoring program information.

HB390 Clarifies definition relative to colleges of pharmacy.

HB391 Clarifies powers and duties of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy relative to nonresident pharmacists.

HB451 Requires hospitals to offer pertussis (whooping cough) vaccinations to parents of newborns.

HB525 Revises provisions relative to aid to needy families and employment services for TANF cash assistance recipients.

HB557 Requires that mandatory reporters receive training on laws of mandatory reporting of child abuse.

HB582 Provides relative to parking spaces for certain disabled persons.

HB674 Provides relative to pharmacy-generated drugs.

HCR15 Requests a study of the most effective means by which to reduce Louisiana’s rate of suicide.

HCR17 Recognizes July 2013 as “Swimming Pool Safety Month” in honor of Aubrie and Angel Castine-Smith.

SCR57 Requests various state and local departments to take certain actions regarding the commercial construction and operation by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of a facility to provide abortions in Louisiana..

Insurance. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room A. Agenda includes:

HB148 Clarifies time period in which applicant for motorcycle insurance must provide proof to insurer of appropriate license endorsement.

HB645 Provides relative to an internal claims and appeals process and external review procedures for health insurance issuers.

HCR18 Establishes the Title Insurance Committee to study title search periods relative to the required periods of mortgage and conveyance records for the issuance of title insurance property.

HCR53 Memorializes congress to repeal that portion of the federal health care reform legislation which imposes a health insurance tax.

Labor & Industrial Relations. 1:00 p.m. in Committee Room C. Agenda includes:

HB121 Provides with respect to the membership of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council.

HB410 Provides with respect to the sunset of the Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund.

HB583 Prohibits employers from terminating employment of a veteran for attending medical appointments necessary for veterans benefits.

Local & Municipal Affairs. 1:00 p.m. in Committee Room F. Agenda includes:

HB70 Authorizes an increase in the per diem paid to the governing board members of the Bienville Parish Ward 4 and 5 Fire Protection District.

HB128 Provides for survivors benefits for tribal police officers and firemen.

HB180 Provides relative to abolition of the position of police chief in the village of Goldonna.

HB232 Increases the maximum hotel occupancy tax that the Grant Parish Tourist Commission is authorized to levy.

HB287 Increases the maximum per diem authorized to be paid to fire protection district board members in Calcasieu Parish.

HB339 Allows the use of public funds for length of service awards programs established by fire protection districts, municipal fire departments, or volunteer fire departments for volunteer firefighters.

HB383 Provides relative to the lease of a hospital by a Jefferson Parish hospital service district.

HB554 Creates the Fort Pike Fire Protection District in Orleans Parish.

HB658 Creates the Sherwood Forest Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

SR91 Requests study of need for legislation to provide method for local businesses to enter into cooperative endeavor agreements with local governments, administered by LED, to bear the capital costs of needed local infrastructure in return for offset of future local tax liabilities..

Senate & Governmental Affairs. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room F. Agenda includes: Confirmation hearings: Board of Regents, LSU Board of Supervisors

HB44 Provides an exception to confidentiality provisions of public records law for requests made by specified entities for certain information in personnel records of certain public employees.

HB131 Requires legislation relative to tax rebates, tax incentives, and tax abatements to be introduced or considered only during sessions convening in odd-numbered years.

HB221 Authorizes certain dual employment and dual officeholding for physicians.

HB628 Provides for technical corrections to various provisions of the La. Revised Statutes, the Children’s Code, and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

HCR23 Requests the U.S. government to take steps to support a united Ireland.

SB178 Requires the placement of voter registration application forms at certain retailers selling firearms.(gov sig).

Transportation, Highways, & Public Works. 1:00 p.m. in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

HB147 Creates the “I’m Cajun” prestige license plate.

HB170 Prohibits attachments on motor vehicle wheels from extending past a certain width.

HB286 Provides with respect to the Southeast La. Flood Protection Authorities.

HB351 Requires highly traveled bridges to receive certain treatment within the highway priority system.

HB373 Creates the Free and Accepted Mason prestige plate.

HB395 Provides for the inclusion of certain medical information on drivers’ licenses and special identification cards.

HB409 Provides relative to safety regulations for contract carriers transporting railroad employees.

HB465 Provides relative to the disqualification of commercial driver’s licenses.

HB470 Prohibits the transportation of dogs in pickup truck beds and utility trailers on certain roadways unless safely crated.

HB547 Makes changes relative to the regulation of used motor vehicles.

HB559 Extends the length of time relative to the utilization of design-build contracts.

HCR9 Amends and repeals DOTD administrative rules pertaining to access permits.

HCR67 Directs the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections to imprint “Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial 1815-2015” on license plates for private passenger motor vehicles.

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