No 'shiny, new' buildings and legislative pet projects; state dollars this year reserved for roads and repairs _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS --The State Capitol building is aglow at sunset in this view from Capitol Park near the Old Arsenal.

Louisiana will study a possible switch to operating on daylight saving time year-round.

State lawmakers on Thursday gave final approval to a measure creating the 13-member panel that will analyze the impact that doing away with the annual spring forward, fall back shift would have on traffic, agriculture, the economy, energy consumption and other factors.

House Concurrent Resolution 72 received final legislative approval in an 87-0 vote in the House Thursday morning.

Full time daylight saving time? It'll be studied under resolution nearing legislative passage

Louisiana has observed daylight saving time since 1967, but federal law gives states the option. Arizona and Hawaii have opted out.

The task force, which would serve without pay and include the lieutenant governor, state cabinet officials and legislators, will submit a report on its findings and recommendations to the Legislature 60 days before the 2019 regular session begins on April 8.

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