A proposal to sharply raise fees on car buyers and generate $60 million in new revenue for the state each year is heading to the full Senate for consideration.

House Bill 833 would make drivers pay $50 more than they currently pay.

The proposal would increase from $18.50 to $68.50 the title fee paid when a person buys a new or used car and the salvage title fee when a wrecked vehicle is deemed a total loss and either disassembled or sold. It also would bump from $15 to $65 the permit to sell that allows a towing company or repair facility to sell vehicles abandoned by their owners.

The fee increase wasn’t originally in the proposal by Rep. Cameron Henry, R-Metairie, but was added in a Senate commerce committee amid continuing legislative budget negotiations.

The Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee approved the measure without objection. If the full Senate agrees to the fee hike, it would return to the House for consideration of the add-on.