State Sen. Dan “Blade” Morrish isn’t giving up on a bill that has been twice vetoed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, which would create a new exception to the state ethics code.

Morrish’s Senate Bill 122 would allow a member of a local governing authority in a town with 5,000 residents or less to do business with people who have contracts with the town.

Jindal has vetoed the bill for the last two years, saying he saw no reason for the exception.

“Either the third time’s a charm or three strikes, you’re out,” Morrish, R-Jennings, told members of the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Morrish said small communities in his area have trouble finding people to serve in office because of current ethics restrictions. The committee decided Tuesday that it will consider the proposal next week, after hearing whether the state ethics board takes a position on the bill.