All eyes turn to the Louisiana House on the second day of the historic veto override session.

UPDATE: The Louisiana House has failed to override the governor's veto of the transgender sports bill, falling two votes short.

On the agenda are the 20 House bills rejected by Gov. John Bel Edwards and 23 line-item vetoes, in which the governor cancelled earmarked projects of some legislators. The main focus will be the transgender sports bill, whose gubernatorial veto was overridden in the state  Senate on Monday.

The House will need 70 votes to turn Senate Bill 156, which bans transgenders born as males from competing in women’s sports, into law over the objections of Edwards.

Expected to be brought up and heard early in the day’s session, the contest over SB156 is running with razor-edge margins and could to be decided by one or two votes. The Republicans, who hold 68 seats in the Legislature, will need to get all their members in from doctor’s appointments and vacations, plus persuade a couple of Democrats to override the Democratic governor’s veto. Both sides say they have enough to prevail.

The Senate, which yesterday overrode Edwards’ veto on SB156, couldn’t muster enough votes to negate Edwards’ rejections of any other measures that began in the Senate. After voting to override the transgender sports instrument, Sen. Patrick Connick, a Marrero Republican, announced he wouldn’t vote to override any other gubernatorial veto, which means any override votes in the House will be defeated in the Senate as both chambers need to agree.

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The Senate convenes at 4 p.m. to handle any decisions made by the House.

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