Louisiana Representatives Jean-Paul Coussan, R-Lafayette, left and Stephen Dwight, R-Lake Charles, right, applaud the end of the third special session Sunday in which the budget bill, HB-1 was passed.

Today in The Rundown: The Legislature has wrapped up another special session — this time agreeing to renew a sales tax hike to prop up the state's perpetually distressed budget until at least 2025. 

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The Countdown…

Days until the start of the new fiscal year: 6

The News

Session: The Legislature wrapped up its third special session of the year Sunday night. Unlike past special sessions that collapsed after lawmakers couldn't reach a tax deal, this one ended with a sales tax revenue stream that will run through 2025. http://bit.ly/2lw19R2

Money matters: The people who won lawsuits against the state didn’t share in last week’s fretting over whether they would get paid like those who worried about funding for TOPS, prosecutors, prisons and other vital government services. http://bit.ly/2KhS7p0

LSU: Gov. John Bel Edwards said he believes Alabama won't be stealing students with TOPS fully funded and is in for "a butt-whippin'" on the football field in the fall. http://bit.ly/2tsXc41

TOPS: News that the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students would be fully funded was a hit at Louisiana Girls State. http://bit.ly/2Io4Lxy

Gambling: Voters in Louisiana will decide in November whether to legalize web gambling on fantasy sports but the vote will be conducted on a parish-by-parish basis. http://bit.ly/2K52Xix

Education: Louisiana is re-launching two programs that will allow teachers to enroll in college classes tuition free. http://bit.ly/2Khxhm6

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