The American Lung Association monitors air pollution at numerous field offices, posting its State of the Air Report each year, identifing ozone levels and particle pollutants throughout the U.S. The assocation has given Baton Rouge a passing grade for annual particle pollutants, a “B” for particle pollution and an “F” for ozone.

Los Angeles tops the list for the worst ozone in the country, which includes the Bakersfield area. California posts nine out of 25 American cities with the most ozone. Other cities include Cincinnati in the No. 14 position and Beaumont, Texas, at No. 20. The cleanest cities include Ames, Iowa, at No. 1; Dothan, Ala., No. 16; Muscle Shoals, Ala., No. 20; and Louisiana’s own Monroe at No. 33. Fastcast: Returning showers.