With 59 days left in Hurricane Season 2014, historically, October was a vulnerable month for destructive tropical systems. Hurricane Hilda on October 3, 1964 killed 16 Louisiana residents and after moving inland, tornadoes killed 22 more in LaRose. In 1999, October hurricanes: Mitch, Joyce, Keith, and Irene caused extensive damage. Opal came on the heels of Elena causing a double punch to Pensacola. The October 2, 1915 Hurricane moved from Mobile to Tangipahoa Parish and Baton Rouge while the October 10, 1937 Hurricane began in the Yucatan, slid into Texas and tracked east into Baton Rouge. On October 28, 1985, Hurricane Juan did the “loop-dee-loop” hitting Vermilion Parish. On this date in 2002, Lili began its trek through Lafayette.