Wednesday’s column described Jack Steckman’s gravesite business and Christmas evergreen wreaths placed on graves. Jack saved the leftover branches for our mom. She would have me and Kevin out of her hair, and Gramps would retrieve the boughs with a cradle-box attached to a sled. A short trip to Steckman’s lasted two hours because Gramps would chat with every neighbor along the route. At Steckman’s, the evergreen branches were layered into the cradle. When the loading was complete, Gramps would continue his visitations, placing the sled under a snow-laden pine, next to Jack’s driveway. Kevin crawled on top of the branches, whereby an “unloading” took place. I shook a pine branch, dumping about 15 pounds of snow on him. Gramps was very tired on the return trip. Fastcast: Stormy morning.