Thursday marks the 105th anniversary of the “1908 Tornado.” As noted in a previous column, this tornado qualified for The Tornado Project, hitting the community of Weiss in northwest Livingston Parish, ranking seventh on the Top 10 List of Killer Tornadoes. Investigators verified the tornado was approximately 2 miles wide, moved east-northeast into St. Helena Parish and Tangipahoa Parish, exiting Louisiana from Washington Parish. Two died in Dennis, Miss., with the worst destruction and loss of life in Amite County, resulting in 29 deaths, and 4 fatalities near Wilmer. When the tornado finally left Louisiana and Mississippi, 143 people were dead, 400 were injured and 1,935 residents were homeless. The Tupelo, Miss., twister of April 5, 1936, and the Natchez tornado of May 6, 1840, are also listed among the worst. Fastcast: Wet.