Members of the Pelican Yacht Club sail on False River Tuesday morning in Oscar, Lousiana on March 27, 2018.

As they prepare for the arrival of Barry, Pointe Coupee Parish officials have been slowly drawing down False River so there’s more drainage capacity for the expected heavy rains.

[Update, 10 a.m. Saturday: Barry has been upgraded to a hurricane.]

The drawdown began Monday and continued Friday.

Parish President Major Thibaut said the level of False River, a critical waterway, has fallen 2 feet.

“Two-thirds of our parish drains into False River,” Thibaut said.

Thibaut said he’s hoping that move as well as months of clearing out major canals in the parish, many that hadn’t been touched in decades, will spare the parish from significant flooding.

“It just depends on how fast the rain comes down,” he said. “We can handle slow sustained rain.”

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