East Baton Rouge Parish

Baton Rouge

Meadowbrook Avenue, between Meadowmere Drive and Meadowlane Drive, closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for sewer repairs.

St. Joseph Street, Europe Street to America Street, closed to install underground sewer pipe.

Hollywood at intersection with McClelland narrowed to install manhole.

Madison Avenue, between Plank Road and North Acadian West, narrowed to restore concrete street.

Eastbound lanes of Choctaw Drive and North Acadian West, closed for sewer repairs. There will be two-way traffic on the westbound lanes.

Prescott Road, between Maribel Drive and Lanier Drive, closed due to sewer repairs.

Washington Avenue, between West Belfair and 38th Street, closed due to sewer installation.

Westbound lane of Sherwood Street, starting at Elm Drive to the dead end, closed due to sewer repairs.

Tinley Drive at Glenhaven Drive intersection, closed due to sewer repairs. Alternate route: Tinley to Mollylea to Sherwood Forest to Glenhaven.