I have used the word “Tabascoey” as another adjective for our summertime weather. A few years ago I received a call from a gentleman questioning permission to use “Tabascoey” in my weather forecasts and this column. After numerous barbs, jokes and kidding, he identified himself as the late Paul McIlhenney from the McIlhenny family of New Iberia and Avery, Island and, of course, our famous Tabasco sauce.

A conversation Monday evening on the anchor desk found Mike Cauble and Michael Marsh comparing other hot weather adjectives. The list included peppery, stuffy, close, collar pullin’, ovenlike, a furnace, bakin’, broilin’, sizzlin’, a sizzler, fiery and sweltering.

My wife Mabyn won’t walk Doggie at night. She says, “It’s too gross.”