A Baton Rouge man was struggling Saturday to patch a hole in his roof and navigate a safe environment for his family after a large live oak tree fell on his home ahead of Hurricane Barry.

William Little said the tree toppled Saturday morning damaging the roof of his home and carport in the 700 block of Broadmoor. A tree limb also punctured a hole in his teenage daughter’s bedroom roof while she was sleeping inside, though it failed to injure her.

Little said he called 911 but was told his situation did not constitute an emergency because there were no injuries and no fire. The Baton Rouge Fire Department arrived on scene and cautioned Little and his family to avoid the tree, which had fallen on a power line.

He added that while they told him to stay clear of the tree to prevent electrocution, it is difficult to leave the property without crawling under a less than 3-foot space beneath the tree.

“It’s one of those situations that you’re told to avoid the tree to avoid electrocution, but there’s no other access,” he said.

His car is also blocked in the carport where the tree has crossed the driveway.

Curt Monte, spokesman with the Baton Rouge Fire Department, confirmed that Baton Rouge Fire Department personnel had responded to the call and spoken to the residents.

“The people are not hurt, nor are they trapped,” Monte said.

Little said in the immediate aftermath of the downed tree he has attempted to plug the hole from inside the house to stop the rain from entering his home, and has made preparations to remove the tree in the next few days so his family can leave.

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