Last Tuesday morning, 20-mph to 30-mph winds on the Louisiana coast, with gusts to 45 mph, disrupted fishing activities. Fishing knows no specific season and many enjoy fishing camps in below-zero weather, exposed to the elements and unable to see their catch. As noted in a previous column, on Lake Mille Lacs in northern Minnesota, anglers drag fully equipped, 4-ton houses onto the lake. Resting on 2-foot thick ice, these generator-powered $20,000 homes include carpet, parquet floors, microwaves, surround-sound and satellite hook-ups. After drilling the hole, underwater cameras spot fish. Before technology, random “house-drops” couldn’t guarantee a good catch. Computers are now complementing ice-fishing, targeting reefs where fish feed. Tapping a Global Positioning System satellite can help find the perfect spot.

Fastcast: Clear and warmer.