Moving away to start college in a new city is already an intimidating part of life.

But at LSU this weekend, some 1,400 new students spent their first days of the new school year bunkered down in their dorm as the city around them endured a flood of historic proportions. 

Classes officially start at LSU on Aug. 22, with a move-in day for students scheduled for on-campus residents on Tuesday. 

But some students started moving into their dorm rooms as early as last week. 

Ernie Ballard, a spokesman for LSU, said 1,429 students are already living on campus, which is about 25 percent of the total on-campus population expected. 

Move-ins scheduled Saturday and Sunday were canceled for incoming students because of widespread flooding in and around the campus.

In fact, LSU urged the public to stay away from the campus entirely on Saturday.

"Water has impacted some campus streets and buildings, and for safety reasons, everyone who can should avoid the campus and should especially avoid going into campus buildings," officials said in a public notice.

Students who intended to move in this weekend are asked to check in on Monday, "weather permitting." 

Ballard said there has been no flooding in residence halls or university apartments. But some buildings, like the Student Health Center, where there was a fire earlier this year, have seen damage. Officials are still assessing the full extent of the flood damage to the campus.

He said 234 students living at the Edward Gay Apartments on the outskirts of campus were relocated into residence halls because of street flooding nearby. 

Students were urged not to leave their dorms over the weekend. Hot meals were delivered to their dorm rooms, in lieu of them being able to leave. 

At Southern University, where conditions were less severe, move-in day was still scheduled to take place on Sunday. However, a freshman convocation scheduled for Sunday was rescheduled to Aug. 21. 

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