Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Bayou Santa

We received 180 entries this time and there were so many great punch lines that we’re running a bunch of finalists. Really clever stuff! Looks like bayou humor coupled with Santa Claus is just the gift that keeps on giving. Well done, everyone!

The winner and finalists are:


Rich Wolf, Westminster, Maryland  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Doug Trick, Baton Rouge: “It’s more pleasant navigating Louisiana’s swamps, than that one in D.C.”

Gene Meyers, Mandeville: “Next year we need to get Santa a four-stroke engine for this job!”

Jenna Godeau, Eunice: “I sure hope the big man knows where he’s going, because I don’t know how to pronounce the names on this map.”

Lauren Baronet, Baton Rouge: “Looks like Santa needs to lay off the gumbeaux.

Lackey LaBorde, Metairie: “With hunting season in full swing, I suggest you turn that nose off.”

Lillette Delahaye, Baton Rouge: “This is my favorite place for delivering gifts. They leave us gumbo and cold beer instead of milk and cookies!”

Debbie Bliek, Prairieville: “Aw, Rudolph, you done stuck your nose in dat hot pot of gumbo again, Cher?

Frank Arrigo, Baton Rouge: “He got the idea from the Cajun Navy.”

Cathy Slumber, River Ridge: “Rudolph, I can’t wait to tell commuters about this new route Santa found around Baton Rouge traffic!”

Great job, everyone!

~ Walt

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