Hots Aull gives us this memory just in time for Father’s Day:

“Many years ago I purchased a home in the Goodwood area that had a tree in the front yard.

“Grass did not grow well under the tree, so I added some sod under it.

“I was watering it when my dad drove up.

“He saw what I was doing and said, ‘Boy, are you crazy? Didn’t I teach you anything? You don’t water grass, you kill grass. What you water is tomatoes!’

“He got back in his car and drove away, shaking his head and muttering something under his breath.

“He died in 1968. What I wouldn’t give to hear him say to me again, ‘Boy, are you crazy?’ ”

Taking a stand

Don Cockerham, of Central, tells of his brief encounter with King George VI, the subject of the award-winning movie “The King’s Speech:”

During World War II, in 1943, his 9th Infantry Division was in England preparing for the D-Day invasion of Europe.

“For training I was assigned to a British infantry unit, the 7th Battalion of the South Staffordshires, in Margate, Kent, on the coast of the English Channel.

“One day our commanding officer told us we would be honored by a visit from the king.

“We were spread out along the beach when I saw a line of army vehicles, with the king standing up in the lead vehicle.

“I was a 19-year-old, not too long gone from the strawberry patches of Livingston Parish.

“I couldn’t see bowing or kneeling, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself or dishonor my uniform.

“When the king drove up, I froze at rigid attention.

“I knew nothing of his stuttering, for he never spoke. But I noticed a slight befuddlement on his face, as if he was saying to himself, ‘Now what the hell is he doing in my army?’

“Then he was gone, and so was my 10 seconds of hobnobbing with royalty.”

Free parking

I love to tell you about the good things people do for each other, and occasionally I’m the beneficiary of that kindness.

On Thursday morning I drove to the downtown Lamar Y for my weekly half-hour on the treadmill (fitness is my life).

I pulled into a North Street parking space and got out to feed the meter.

Then a lady about to get into the car in front of me came up to me and said, “I’m about to pull out, and I have almost an hour on my meter if you want that space.”

I thanked her and pulled up into her space as she left it.

It was a small thing, I know — a few seconds of her time, saving me 35 cents or so.

But every time I thought about it that day, I smiled.

She literally made my day.

Geography lesson

Why I love my contributors:

After I mentioned a planned Friendship Force visit to Peru, I got this note:

“During the 1940s I lived with my grandparents in Peru.

“My grandparents rented the bottom floor of one of the three mansions in the area.

“Daddy Bill, my grandfather, was in charge of a local plant. He helped me graduate from college.

“I assume you are talking about Peru, Indiana …”

Party animals

Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge has its annual summer fundraiser from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, at The Roux House, 143 Third St. Call Paula Schoen at (225) 205-9330.

Special People Dept.

Addie Bellue, of Greensburg, celebrates her 93rd birthday Saturday.

George Seguin, of Maurepas, a World War II veteran, celebrates his 92nd birthday Sunday.

Mary Tarver celebrates her 92nd birthday Saturday.

Jim and Natalie Heard Elbourne celebrate their 68th anniversary Saturday.

John and Betty Torbert celebrate 67 years of marriage Saturday.

Johnny and Ona Escott, of Lafayette, celebrate their 62nd anniversary Sunday.

Warren and Sonya Virgets celebrate their 56th anniversary Saturday.

Bobbie and Ruben Keller, of French Settlement, celebrate their 51st anniversary Saturday.

Clyde and Kathleen Thompson, of Amite, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday.

Charles and Emma Raye Achee Delapasse celebrate 50 years of marriage Friday.

Crash means cash

Marvin Borgmeyer says, “I wonder if I am the only parent who misses bumper car rides?

“Since my children can’t find the amusement park version of the bumper cars, they seem to have found a way to experience this same thrill — by using real cars!

“I assume body shops are grateful that bumper car rides are not as common as they used to be.”

Good dad!

Algie Petrere came across this story for Father’s Day:

Tom won a toy at a raffle, so he called his kids together to ask which one should have it.

“Who is the most obedient?” he asked. “Who never talks back to Mother? Who does everything she says?”

Five small voices answered in unison. “OK, Dad, you get the toy.”