Elaine B. Favre says our recent item on “childspeak“ reminded her of “our family’s treasury of creative speech:

“A cousin called a hippopotamus a ‘hickamaspota,’ and a flyswatter was a ‘flyflatter.’

“In my own toddler days, oatmeal was ‘o-me-toh,’ and when saying my ‘Now I lay me down to sleep,’ ‘sa-fa-die’ replaced ‘… if I should die.’

“I’m confident God understood me — and also the child about whom our parish priest loved to tell.

“That little one was overheard reciting the Credo in his catechism class and replacing the phrase ‘… suffered under Pontius Pilate …’ with ‘suffered under a bunch of violets.’

“Our own children hated taking ‘mecinum’ and were fascinated by creepy crawling ‘capetapillars …’”

(If I might add another example of childspeak, as a toddler daughter Tammy used to claim that any misdeed was an “accidency.” It’s a word I still use …)

Sticking around

Like several others readers, Steve Adams, of Prairieville, got a kick out of the front page headline of Saturday’s Advocate: “Lee could linger.”

The story, of course, was about the impending tropical system, but Steve says it could also have been on Sunday’s sports page after the LSU-Oregon game.

It’s safe to say that most LSU fans are glad quarterback Jarrett Lee, after a rough start a few years ago, decided to “linger” here.

Super fan

Barry Taillon says on Saturday night in Cowboys Stadium he sat next to Earl Guidry, of Port Allen, who told Barry he would be 86 the next day:

“He also informed me that he had not missed a home LSU football game in 58 years.

“I thought this to be an incredible feat …

“He also told me he had been to an awful lot of the away games in his motor home that he had recently sold because of his wife’s health.”

No sweat

Ron, of St. Francisville, says, “Watching the Little League World Series recently brought back the memory of my nephew stopping by after his game.

“Dad was picking at him by asking, ‘What’s that on your wrists?’

“His exasperated answer was ‘They are sweat bands, Paw Paw!’

“When Dad then asked what they did, in an even more exasperated voice he answered, ‘Why, they keep you from sweating!’”

Flat nice people

Josephine says she was driving down Perkins Road when she ran over some sharp object and shredded her tire.

She thanks Blake and his wife, who pulled out of heavy traffic and into the parking lot where she had wound up after her flat:

“Seems they were on their way to a social event when she noticed my flashing lights in the parking lot of a carwash.

“Blake told me his wife had a flat the week before, and they were grateful someone kindly stopped to help her.

“After he changed my tire, he refused a monetary offering.

“It is so gratifying and lovely to be on the receiving end of a ‘random act of kindness!’”

Special People Dept.

e_SBlt Thomas Kent, a World War II veteran (in the 82nd Airborne Division’s Glider Regiment), celebrated his 93rd birthday Tuesday.

e_SBlt Katie Nell Morgan celebrated her 93rd birthday Sunday.

e_SBlt Mimi Nevils celebrated her 93rd birthday Saturday.

e_SBlt Evelyn Duck Freemyer, of Liberty, Miss., celebrates her 90th birthday Wednesday.

e_SBlt Anthony Vitale celebrates his 90th birthday Wednesday.

e_SBlt Chester and Agnes Guidry, of Central, celebrate their 72nd anniversary Wednesday.

• Sylvester and Jackie Giroir, of Jackson, celebrated 52 years of marriage Tuesday.

Southern birds

Daphne Crawford says, “My husband stood watching the activity at our hummingbird feeder one morning and announced that he thought the ‘red neck’ birds were the best.

“I can’t decide if the ruby-throated hummingbirds would be offended by or proud of this title.”

(Reminds me of the story I had a while back about the kid who reported seeing “robin rednecks” in the yard one spring.)

A moving story

Mercedes Doré says, “My 3-year-old grandson Kellan Doré lives in Richmond, Va.

“He is very interested in the planets, and recently went to see ‘Superheroes’ with his dad Seamas.

“My daughter-in-law Dana says when the house started shaking during the recent earthquake he yelled, ‘A monster is shaking the earth! We should move to a different planet!’ ”