Walt Handelsman cartoon contest winners: ‘The Devil made’em do it!’ _lowres


The Devil made ’em do it!

There was a sno-balls chance in Hell that this caption contest would flame you and it didn’t! With over 150 entries, you folks were red hot! From Bobby Jindal to the IRS — all the way to TV cooking shows, your creativity was smokin’!

OK … OK — Enough with the inferno puns … Let’s get down to the winners! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Congratulations to our winner and finalists! Thanks to everyone for entering … Great job — again!!!


Ronnie Sciortino,

New Orleans

(punch line lettered into cartoon and on briefcase)


Joe Omner, Mandeville

Briefcase: Jindal 4 President

Punch line: “Not a sno-ball’s chance!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette

Briefcase: IRS

Punch line: “These will get you feelin’ so cold you’re gonna have your hands in your OWN pockets!”

Brady Keller, Baton Rouge

Briefcase: Hell’s Kitchen

Punch line: “That guy better make a really good sno-ball.”

Roland Rusich, Mandeville

Punch line: “You don’t scare us. It’s hotter here than it is down there!”

Mariano Hinojosa, Baton Rouge

Punch line: “That guy always shows up when the Louisiana Legislature is in session!”