Our 10 p.m. news producer is Trey Schmaltz. Trey questioned my pronunciation of a strong sandstorm or dust storm, known as a “haboob.” As noted in a previous column, it originates from the Arabic word “habb,” meaning “wind.” Trey wasn’t appreciative of some other meteorological terms. “Aeolian sounds” are produced by motions of air that bop obstacles, such as wires, twigs and even the ear. A summer sea breeze in Scotland is known as a “ban-gull” and a crescent-shaped dune or drift of windblown sand or snow is referred to as “barchan.” In England, a cool, northwest wind is called a “cat’s nose,” while a light breeze, affecting an area that ripples a water surface, is a “cat’s paw.” The combination of smoke and haze is “smaze.”

Fastcast: Peppery.

Scattered thunderstorms. Mostly sunny and hot. High near 95. Calm winds becoming southerly at 5 mph. Rain chance: 30 percent. Tonight: Mostly clear, low about 76. Southwesterly winds at 5 mph.