Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Halloween Runoff!

We had 298 entries in this week’s spooky election caption contest! This was a tough one, but you filled our punch-line bag with tasty creative treats! From monsters to beauties to clever word plays. Nice job all around!!

As always when we have duplicate entries (and we do every time) we pick the earliest sent in and best worded for the cartoon image.

Great job, everyone!!


Mary Kate Lee, Baton Rouge: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


John E. Galloway, Kenner: “I think they said, ‘Trick or Cheat’!”

Susan Tran, Baton Rouge : “That’s gonna haunt me till November 16th.”

Mike McCumsey, Denham Springs: “I doubt if they will scare anyone, but I’m sure they will aggravate everyone.”

Kate Cochran, Baton Rouge: “I don’t think candy’s going to make them go away.”

John Glenn, Tyler, TX: “What’s really scary is how much a runoff makes you want to.”

David Shaler, Baton Rouge: “I swear I’ve already seen those two before.”

Anna Papp, Springfield: “Do they want candy or a contribution?”

Sidney Hebert, Slidell: “At least Halloween only lasts a day!”

David Earl Simmons, New Orleans: “I love trick-or-treaters, but I thought they would never leave.”

Jerry King, Gretna: “I was hoping they would stay on Elm Street.”

Duke Rivet, Baton Rouge: “The trick will be to get a treat on Election Day!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Look! It’s Beauty and the Beast.”

Nancy Kora, Baton Rouge: “It’s hard to scare anyone in an election year – they’re numb already.”

Caroline Dazzio, Baton Rouge: “They’re trying to scare up votes.”

Well done, folks! – Walt

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