Police stand outside the Capitol after a day of rioting protesters, Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Letters about the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, submitted for publication to The Advocate and The Times-Picayune newspapers in recent days, overwhelmed our capacity to publish them all in our print editions. Following is a representative sample of those letters that could not be included in the print edition, selected and edited in an effort to include as many writers and viewpoints as possible.

Graves pushed democracy toward this 'death spiral'

Shame on Rep. Garret Graves, R-Baton Rouge, for joining fellow Republicans in trying to subvert American democracy by overturning certified election results in battleground states. His reason: the allegation that "a number of voting anomalies took place."

Among the 90 or so judges who looked at these and scores of other bogus allegations were three in appeals court judges in Pennsylvania. The opening paragraph of their decision states: "… Calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here." Each of these three judges was nominated by a Republican president.

Even Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell said, "The voters, the courts and the states have spoken. If this election is overturned by mere allegations by the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral." Graves, by his cynical, anti-democratic vote on Jan. 6, pushed his country towards that spiral.

We can do better, Louisiana.


retired producer

Baton Rouge

With whole world burning, should we turn down heat?

Your Jan. 9 headline was: “Threatening Impeachment.” But this is not news, really. The bunch behind impeachment has been pushing it or its equivalent in one form or another since before their hated target took office.

What is rather newsworthy, in a Keystone Cops kind of way, is this one's timing. They seem to be trying to outdo Donald Trump in pouring fuel on a fire. There certainly have been reasons aplenty to fire up people of all stripes the past several months on top of the past several years' domestic tensions. You'd think it would be time for a new administration to turn down the heat.

Sane and sober people would certainly say “enough” — let calm prevail! Is pushing to enact your fantasy of taking out a guy you despise but only has a few days left in office a sensible, much less unifying act?


retired social worker


Knew he was dangerous, but the elected aided him

That Donald Trump was a charlatan, a con man, a liar, and a cheat — and therefore possibly dangerous as president — was not a new thought last Wednesday. In the summer of 2015, I thought and said those very words but believed him to be too much of a buffoon to win over Republicans much less a sufficient number of Americans.

Nevertheless, despite what some Republicans (like “my” representative, Steve Scalise and “my” senator, John Kennedy) are saying now in defense of Trump, many of us Democratic moderates and liberals hoped and expected that once in office Trump would be presidential — or at least act like a president.

That Trump began and ended his presidency telling vicious lies that stirred the dark racist forces in our society and finally fomented those forces into violence is in no small measure due to Scalise and Kennedy serving as his aiders and abettors. Indeed, both Scalise and Kennedy have directly contributed to the lies and conspiracy theories. They both need to resign.


retired history professor

New Orleans

Where was outage after summer protests in US?

Justified condemnation of the loss of life and thousands of dollars of destruction during the desecration of the U.S. Capitol continues to receive wall-to-wall coverage by all news agencies.

Where was this concern and outrage by most of these same reporters earlier this year when people died, many were injured, sections of cities were confiscated, and enormous property was destroyed by looting and burning of private and public buildings. It was dismissed simply by many as the necessary byproduct of "peaceful demonstrations" and a form of reparations.

We have always been told to respect and obey our laws, but nowhere is it written that their enforcement depends on the political affiliation and race of the law breaker.


retired communications worker


Kennedy cites ‘irregularities’ that are as elusive as ‘aliens’

As he continues to promulgate his fictions and fantasies about the presidential election, Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-La., constantly refers to "irregularities." While not a single election board, court or other independent arbiter has affirmed the first shred of evidence for them, Kennedy continues to claim that these "irregularities" exist. He also claims that many other Americans believe in these "irregularities."

To get a perspective on exactly how much sense these specious claims actually make, I suggest substituting the word "alien" for "irregularities" in all of Kennedy's proclamations. After all, we have no evidence for the existence of aliens either, but plenty of people believe they exist.


writer, consultant

New Orleans

Election illegal: Scalise stance was based on Constitution

The Opinion/Commentary section in Sunday’s paper is fit for nothing but lining the bottom of a bird cage. Rep. Steve Scalise’s objection to accepting electors was based on the Constitution, as his presentation clearly shows.

If any of you at The Advocate would watch it, you would see how our new president was illegally elected. This is without even looking at the massive amount of voter fraud that took place.

Scalise honored his oath of office by bearing true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. Others did not. The very definition of treason is to violate a sacred oath or trust. Our presidential election was illegal and fraudulent. I’m sorry that you at The Advocate can’t see that.

It’s no wonder the dumbest students I met during my time at LSU were majoring in journalism.


business manager

Baton Rouge

Recall petition? Kennedy has been Trump sycophant

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., knowingly and willfully sought to undermine our democracy by espousing demonstrably unfounded lies about the validity of the presidential election. He, like Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, must pay a price for their actions.

Kennedy has been a sycophant for Donald Trump since Day 1 of the current administration, wholeheartedly supporting the president's litany of damaging lies. He is living proof that being highly educated does not immunize one from acting as a dumb down fool, not if it is in service of their perceived self-interest.

A formal recall petition should be filed so that someone actually committed to the principles of our sacred democratic institutions can represent our great state.



New Orleans

Time to act: Remove Trump from the presidency now

I am appalled that our elected representatives and senators were subjected to this terroristic attack. We have representatives and senators serving in their 80s.

The thought of those leaders forced to cower and hide for fear of their lives underscores the need for the most serious consequences possible and that means impeachment. Donald Trump is not going to resign, and I do not think Mike Pence has the will and courage to pursue the 25th Amendment.

Congress must act now to ensure that Trump faces the harshest consequences now. He must be removed from office before he can incite any additional violence and before he can issue any more pardons.


retired banker

Baton Rouge

Most behaved peacefully at Capitol; MAGA will return

Tens of thousands of patriotic Americans, true peaceful protesters gathering to hear the president, didn’t destroy. No insurrection was planned. They were looking for hope in a world of hopelessness created by incompetent leadership.

Some (who knows their affiliation?) chose to riot but their numbers are minuscule by comparison to the total attendees. But every liberal news broadcast simultaneously used the same words, tone and rhetoric. Never orchestrated, right?

Censorship has risen its ugly head. Free speech, a constitutionally protected right, will soon be nothing but a memory if Democrat liberals have their way.

This vile and immoral behavior will not stifle individuals who treasure the freedom to share thoughts. Understand such actions only strengthens the resolve of those being oppressed. This power grab will not last but only serve to give rise to opposition hell-bent on returning freedom of expression as a God-given right.

It’s time this country root out evil leaders determined to control the citizenry. Socialism/communism will never take over America. It may temporarily rule until the resistance can recover. But the overthrow of such governance will simply not be tolerated long term. MAGA will return!


leadership consultant


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