Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption Contest winners!

Blown Call!

Wow!! We had a whopping 756 entries in this week’s caption contest! Clearly anger, shock and frustration really got your creative juices flowing.

Because of the volume of entries, we broke our favorites into three categories:

One winner, several finalists and a large group of honorable mentions.

(As always, when we had duplicate entries we picked the earliest sent in.)

Great job everyone! I hope this opportunity to vent helps get you through this mess!

This week’s winner, finalists and honorable mentions are:


John and Jeanne Billodeaux, St. Gabriel (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Sid Hebert, Slidell: “So that’s what you do with those yellow things!”

Cecile M. (Skippy) Berner, Baton Rouge: “Uh-oh. Looks like we’ve been called for passive interference!”

Jim Roseberry, Slidell: “I keep getting this nagging feeling we might have missed something.”

Maury Williams, Covington: “Don’t worry, they’ll forget all about it by tomorrow...”

Phil Cangelosi, Baton Rouge: “I told you to wear your glasses, but no! You wanted to look good on TV!”

Michael Giordano, New Orleans: “You think Foot Locker is hiring?”

Greg Thompson, Walker: “You have to admit it. We dominated this game!!!”

Mike Barnes, Jefferson: “I sure wish the power would go off again!”


Alan J.Marasco, Metairie: “Heaven help us... Now even the Saints are mad at us!”

John F. Fay, Jr., New Orleans: “I thought they threw beads this time of year?”

Scott Jeffries, Metairie: “Maybe we could get the NFL to build a wall around us!”

Ed Bowdon, New Orleans: "Why are they shouting, 'Throw me something, mister!'?"

Brother Paul Montero, S.C., Baton Rouge: "I hear a lot of noise, but I don't see anything!"

Mike Peno, Baton Rouge: “What flags?”

Victor L Buccola, Destrehan: “Gary, these must be our blindfold props for our forthcoming roles in Bird Box II - The NFL Version!”

C. Richard Cotton, Saltillo, Mississippi: “I think we’re in the wrong LA.”

Thomas J. Mackey, Baton Rouge: “I just had an idea! Let’s throw yellow hankies when somebody breaks a rule!”

Randy Gibbon, Zachary: "Government employees may not be the only ones not getting a paycheck this week!"

Barry J. Keegan, New Orleans: "Do you think we missed a call back there?"

Randy Prochaska, Baton Rouge: “Get your throws now we won’t be back for CARNIVAL!”

Kim Broussard, Abbeville : “I didn’t think they would notice.”

Edward J Darbone, Baton Rouge: “Damn! How many referees did we hire for this game?”

Charles Salemi, Brusly: “So they’re used for penalties? I thought they were in our pockets in case we catch a cold.”

Donna Gauthier, Baton Rouge: “Geez! You would think we just changed the game FOREVER!”

Luke Felterman, Patterson: “Great arms, must be Mardi Gras float riders.”

Michael Gauthreaux, Gonzales: "Not mine, it's still in my pocket!"

Wayne Sandoz, New Orleans: “Let’s go apply at the Sewerage & Water Board where you can sleep on the job.

Sheri Lindsey, Baton Rouge: “Either the 2nd line just ended, or we just blew the biggest call in history!”

Rita Haik, Baton Rouge: "I wonder what we're supposed to do with those??"

Joe Rockforte, Jr., Baton Rouge: “I thought they only threw beads down here!”

Pucci Maurin, Metairie: "I hope those aren't from dog walkers!"

Russ Kercher, Mandeville: "Looks like we caused a yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans."

Michael Long (7 years old), New Orleans: “Wha-Dat?!”

Greg Johnson, Jefferson: “Looks like the city that care forgot didn’t forget to care!”

Johnny LeBourgeois, Metairie: "I guess this will be this year's most popular Mardi Gras Throw."

Annie Kelly, Baton Rouge: “The Saints aren’t going to the Super Bowl... and neither are we.”

John J Finn MD MBA, Covington: “So that’s what a yellow flag looks like!”

Charles Vaughan, Grand Prairie, TX: “Bad day to start our new ‘Officiate by Braille’ program!”

Vickie Arnold Babineaux, Baton Rouge: “Yikes!! Hope this isn't their way of calling for the Voodoo Queen!!”

Paula Doucet,Harahan: “Wow!  Someone must have really screwed up!”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: "I'm applying for the Referee Protection Program."

Deanne Lipani, Metairie: “No call that's all. This would never happen in Morris Bart's office.”

Don Bruce, Baton Rouge: “That went well.”

Terrific job, everyone! You-Dat!


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