Stories about Texas A&M joining the SEC and resuming its football rivalry with LSU remind Roy Pitchford, our senior Monroe correspondent, of a scene several decades ago:

“Mike the Tiger had been wheeled in, to the delight of early-arriving LSU students.

“Parked in front of the student section, cheerleaders would rub a microphone on his cage and Mike would roar, drawing cheers.

“The Aggie yell leaders had brought their mascot dog, Reveille, to the field in front of a small band of Aggies in the southeast corner of Tiger Stadium.

“Whenever Mike would roar, Reveille would bark.

“Finally the A&M yell leaders let the dog off his leash and he bounded down the field, got to Mike’s cage and barked.

“Mike stood and roared, and the dog tucked tail and ran back down the field to the safety of his handlers, drawing loud cheers from the LSU students.

“Bring your dog back, Aggies. Our tiger is waiting.”

Something’s missing

In the Wednesday People section, there was a large photo of Roseland Terrace subdivision before its development.

The photo was with a story about archivist Melissa Eastin’s Lunchtime Lagniappe talk on Wednesday at the Louisiana State Museum.

The location was identified as the intersection of what later became Park Boulevard and Government Street.

“This photo is a fraud!” cries Hots Aull.

“Every old native of Baton Rouge knows that this intersection always had a Muffoletto’s hot tamale cart located there.”

Name that dome

News of Mercedes Benz buying naming rights to the Superdome has our readers thinking about changes this might mean.

A St. Gabriel resident says, “Maybe the name of the Superdome can be changed to the Benzson Dome. Tom would love it!”

Another gent says the Saints can add to their repertoire of fight songs the Janis Joplin classic, “Mercedes Benz,” with its lyric: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?”

Berry true

Tommy Watts says, “Dudley Lehew’s reference to the services we used to get, even for a $1 purchase of gas, brings to mind Chuck Berry’s take on the subject:

“ ‘Workin’ at the fillin’ station — too many tasks. Wipe the windows — check the tires — check the oil — dollar gas! Too much monkey business. …’ ”

Our besta Festa

On Sunday, the Greater Baton Rouge American Italian Association hosts a free “Baton Rouge Italian Festa” from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium.

Attractions include bocce ball, food and music, a “vino stroll,” shopping village, Italian artifacts on display, talks on Italian genealogy and history, a St. Joseph’s altar and a “grape stomp” by media types.

My paisano Frank Arrigo says the Italian American Marchers will be presented the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade Award at 1:30 p.m.

Proceeds benefit McMains Children’s Developmental Center.

Happy returns

Elsie Mouch, of Geismar, thanks “the lady in purple and gold” who found her purse:

“On Saturday morning, after leaving Bed, Bath & Beyond at North Mall Drive, I realized I did not have my purse with me.

“I immediately called the store. The clerk told me my purse had been found in a shopping cart and returned to the management.”

Looking for stuff

Mona Tate, of Maurepas, seeks the music for the John McDonogh High Class of ’63 fight song and alma mater.

She says she has the lyrics, but the music was lost when the New Orleans school cleaned out its building after Hurricane Katrina:

“I’m thinking there may be an ex-band member or an ex-choir member who has held on to memories.”

Call (225) 698-3587 or email

Special People Dept.

Leo A. Walsh, a retired Exxon employee, celebrated his 93rd birthday Saturday.

Thought for the Day

From Richard M. Gibson, of Lafayette: “A marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

Bad-joke infestation

Mike Humble has the audacity to send me this story:

“I was pondering what to get my wife for her birthday when a small boll weevil passed by my foot with a sign on its back saying ‘Buy a card.’

“He was immediately followed by a much larger boll weevil with a sign on its back saying ‘Buy a present.’

“After much deliberation, I arrived at my solution — I chose the lesser of two weevils and bought the card.”