Bob Black tells of Ruth Jenkins’ granddaughter Tiffany, who was visiting here from Portland, Ore., and attended the LSU-Kentucky football game.

During the game she inquired, “When are they going to let Mike the Tiger out of his cage?”

When told that Mike is never let out of his cage at the games, she replied, “At Oregon we always let our mascot out of his cage.”

As you might recall from LSU’s first game of the season, Oregon’s mascot is a duck — and a decidedly non-threatening one.

The other Aggies

The Unknown Attorney says, “The biggest Aggie joke of all is the full name of LSU.”

Which is Louisiana State University & A&M College…

Divine intervention?

Carol Paine says her daughter Katie, who lives in Lafayette, was driving home from Baton Rouge the night of a lightning storm and heavy rain.

“When she got to the top of the Mississippi River bridge, the lightning lit the sky like fireworks.

“Hail started pounding her SUV. Then the low fuel light came on.

“That’s when she said, ‘The Good Lord is telling me to get off the highway.’

“So she pulled off at the next exit and went to a service station.

“As she was filling her vehicle, a young lady came up to her. She said her husband had lost his job and they were homeless and destitute, trying to make it to Florida to her parents’ home. But they were almost out of gas.

“She, her husband and two small children had been praying for someone to come and help them. When Katie drove up in her big white SUV, her kids had said, ‘Look, Mom, there is our angel.’

“Katie paid for their gas, and wished them well. She said she realized God was telling her to get off the highway not for her own good, but because she needed to help someone else.”

Riding with Mickey

Kyle Tircuit says, “Just wanted to let you know that Al Tircuit and family were special guests of honor on the Mickey Mouse float at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Parade on Tuesday.

“So if you happen to see Al next week, be gentle shaking his hand — it may still be a little sore from all the waving.”

Looking for stuff

Glenna Clark Fallin says the West Feliciana Parish Library needs old LEGO sets or books for a boys’ LEGO club that meets monthly at the library (11865 Ferdinand St. in St. Francisville).

Drop items at the library or call (225) 635-3364 for pickup.

And remember, that’s LEGO building blocks and not EGGO frozen waffles. Those go to me.

Worthy causes

Ruffino’s Restaurant has a “Round Up for Chico” event Friday during lunch and dinner hours to benefit LSU cheerleading coach Chico Garcia, who was seriously injured in an August boating accident.

Customers can donate by rounding up their bill to any dollar amount. All money collected will go for Chico’s medical costs.

LSU cheerleaders will be at Ruffino’s to show their support.

For more information visit

Special People Dept.

• Fay Hines celebrates her 94th birthday Friday.

• Nelva S. LeBlanc, of Convent, celebrates her 90th birthday Friday — at, of course, Hymel’s Seafood Restaurant.

• Irmatine Lunkin, of White Castle, celebrated her 90th birthday Thursday.

• Brenda and Ernest J. “Big Ernie” Hernandez celebrate 50 years of marriage Sunday.

• Pat and Cat Gautreau, of Gonzales, celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

Words as weapons

D.C. Jensen continues our Winston Churchill quotes with one he deems appropriate for this election season:

When told that the leader of the opposing party was a modest man, Churchill remarked, “He has a great deal to be modest about.”

Doc gets an escort

Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, tells of a story he heard when he lived in Plaquemine:

“A Plaquemine doctor was late in leaving for an LSU basketball game one evening.

“He had a lot on his mind and missed the Addis speed limit sign.

“When the police officer came to his car, he whipped out his medical ID and said he was on his way to an emergency at Earl K. Long Hospital.

“The officer headed back to his car and said, ‘Follow me.’

“ ‘What did you do?’ I asked.

“ ‘I went in the hospital and stayed there until I was sure the officer had gone,’ the doctor said. ‘Missed the whole first half.’ ”